• Kamlesh Thakur

Why are communication skills such a big deal?

Life is about learning, it is not the time that you spend on earth, but the different #ideas and thoughts that you come across, Or the ideas that you create and share make you feel your life.

The increasing quest for #knowledge is the only constant trait of human beings and it is the basis of all developments in science,economics,military etc. This thirst is quenched by sharing of ideas.

Thus sharing ideas makes life worth living. Now Let's deal with the question at hand.

1. Your identity lies in your thoughts.

What makes you unique is the way you think, and to let the world know what your #opinions are about a particular topic, you must know how to communicate well.

2. Makes you the 'social animal':

To have friends and people around, whom you can trust , you must express yourself to them because only after that the person gets a hint of what kind of thoughts you have and does the frequency of your ideas match with their ideas.

3. It makes you learn in a better way

Learning new skills or gaining knowledge is about asking the write questions and then discussing possible solutions to those questions or arriving at new problems. For doing all these things you must be good at communicating.

4. Power

If you are good at communicating and you know how to clearly express your thoughts , then you can control or persuade a large audience, which is called power. Think about the most popular leaders, they have always been great at expressing their thoughts.

E.g.- Martin Luther King Jr, Hitler(negative), Gandhi and more

#Communication is not only about speaking it is about making your thoughts reach the psyche of the receiver.

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