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Life is about learning, it is not the time that you spend on earth, but the different #ideas and thoughts that you come across, Or the ideas that you create and share make you feel your life.

The increasing quest for #knowledge is the only constant trait of human beings and it is the basis of all developments in science,economics,military etc. This thirst is quenched by sharing of ideas.

Thus sharing ideas makes life worth living. Now Let's deal with the question at hand.

1. Your identity lies in your thoughts.

What makes you unique is the way you think, and to let the world know what your #opinions are about a particular topic, you must know how to communicate well.

2. Makes you the 'social animal':

To have friends and people around, whom you can trust , you must express yourself to them because only after that the person gets a hint of what kind of thoughts you have and does the frequency of your ideas match with their ideas.

3. It makes you learn in a better way

Learning new skills or gaining knowledge is about asking the write questions and then discussing possible solutions to those questions or arriving at new problems. For doing all these things you must be good at communicating.

4. Power

If you are good at communicating and you know how to clearly express your thoughts , then you can control or persuade a large audience, which is called power. Think about the most popular leaders, they have always been great at expressing their thoughts.

E.g.- Martin Luther King Jr, Hitler(negative), Gandhi and more

#Communication is not only about speaking it is about making your thoughts reach the psyche of the receiver.

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  • Writer's pictureKamlesh Thakur

Is it viable?

At the end of the day, the transition to mask-wearing might take some time, but here are some tips to help you pick and choose as well as to get yourself acclimated to making this your new normal (not that you have a choice).

How to find a mask that's right for you:

  • Choose a version that you’re comfortable wearing while exercising. There both single and multi-layer options to choose from, and each one offers varying levels of protection. Your choice is based upon the desire for more layers, which may offer greater protection from respiratory droplets, or a single layer, which may improve breathing during exercise. Of course, wearing any mask in general will reduce the spread of respiratory particulates

  • For homemade masks, recent evidence suggests that combining a layer of high thread count cotton with a layer of silk may offer protection that’s on par with medical-grade masks. Research also shows that vacuum cleaner bag material may offer good protection against the spread of droplets as well. The CDC has instructions for making your own face coverings here

  • The right fit is critically important — over the nose, not too loose, not too tight. If there are gaps along the edges of the mask where air can escape, the effectiveness decreases substantially

  • Make sure it’s washable. The CDC recommends washing your mask between each use and drying either flat in direct sunlight or on the highest temperature. Follow the care instructions on your mask to maintain its efficacy when you’re wearing it

How to get used to wearing a mask:

  • Try wearing your mask at home for a period of time to get acclimated to the fit.

  • While wearing the mask, focus on nasal breathing as instructed above

  • Continue to mentally remind yourself that while the mask may initially feel strange, you are in fact breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide

  • Make sure your mask is clean and dry. Bring extra, clean masks to change into in case your mask becomes wet from sweat or heavier breathing

  • Damp masks are not only less effective, but they may make it more difficult to breathe

How to get used to working out at the gym wearing a mask:

  • Initially, you may want to shorten your workouts as you get used to exercising in a mask

  • Adjust the intensity of your workout or increase your rest periods between sets or intervals

  • Change your environment. If there are portions of your workout you can do outside, you may not need to wear your mask in those settings (check state / county mandates)

It goes without saying that if you’re not feeling well, the best choice is to stay home and connect with your healthcare provide on next steps.

As we all navigate our way forward and adjust our etiquette at the club, remember that your health, safety, and fitness are our top priority.

While wearing a mask during exercise may not feel ideal, there’s no question that getting in your regular exercise is paramount to your health.

Exercising with a mask on is still hands-down better than not exercising at all.

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You Always Have a Choice. Always.

A) You Could Look Down or Dislike them OR

You could openly Thank Them for their #Jealously (reframe it, label it something else - #Criticism, even if you know and THEY know that you know it’s Jealousy).

Why would you thank them? Because it tells you that YOU are doing something right - coz you dont know who the F they are, but they seem to know who YOU are.

Say thank you - no matter what (recognize who they are, for what they are - but MASTER “how” you choose to respond). That’s #Mastery right there. It will further accelerate their jealously and burn them in their own fire — you dont have to do anything. That’s a huge Win, I would think.

And dont worry about what they might do to defame you. Most people are Smart and Can / Will see through them, and be pulled even closer to you - Those are your people.

Those that are easily swayed — they dont belong in your circle. Kick them to the curb (the Jealousy is helping you with this as well). So this is why I say - Say Thank You!


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