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10 Things to Improve Your Productivity and Appreciation Quotient

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

1. Have a NOT-TO-DO list along with your To-Dos

2. Once in a quarter, take the public transportation if you haven't done so. This will keep the acuity of your surroundings sharp. Let this be a busy work day

3. Nourish the mind. Read at least 10 pages of a book upon waking 1st thing 

4 .Fast for an entire day, every month. Live on just water 

5. Hand your phone to a friend, and ask him to NOT give it to you for an entire day (this one will be tough). Better yet, let it be on a Saturday

6.Plant at least 1 tree every 3 months. This is huge. 

7 .Work out 1st thing (after #3) - Make it  part of your life - you only have ONE place to live. Keep it optimally running. 

8. If you have a backyard, pull out the weeds before sunset (it's meditative in its own way). 

9. Ask "who's life can I help make easier today" as you get dressed for work 

10. Ask if you have a dream. Go deeper - ask what the source of this dream was. Was it really truly yours? If not, you could be destroyed trying to fulfill it 

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