• Kamlesh Thakur

Should you look down on or dislike people that are jealous? Why or why not?

You Always Have a Choice. Always.

A) You Could Look Down or Dislike them OR

You could openly Thank Them for their #Jealously (reframe it, label it something else - #Criticism, even if you know and THEY know that you know it’s Jealousy).

Why would you thank them? Because it tells you that YOU are doing something right - coz you dont know who the F they are, but they seem to know who YOU are.

Say thank you - no matter what (recognize who they are, for what they are - but MASTER “how” you choose to respond). That’s #Mastery right there. It will further accelerate their jealously and burn them in their own fire — you dont have to do anything. That’s a huge Win, I would think.

And dont worry about what they might do to defame you. Most people are Smart and Can / Will see through them, and be pulled even closer to you - Those are your people.

Those that are easily swayed — they dont belong in your circle. Kick them to the curb (the Jealousy is helping you with this as well). So this is why I say - Say Thank You!


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