• Kamlesh Thakur

How can I ensure my meetings have a productive outcome?

The answer to this question seems to be surprisingly simple (not easy though).

Do these five things:

  • Have decision makers in the meeting - the buck “stops with me” guys and gals

  • Always ask this question as many times as needed before & during the meeting “what are we solving for”

  • Do not end the meeting before you have achieved your “outcomes” you had planned prior to the meeting. This means, you do the best you can to end the meeting ON TIME, but if the outcome isn’t in sight, you extend the meeting for as long as you need to, so you can achieve the outcomes you wanted to get out of it (clarity)

  • And finally, if you are the one leading / driving those meetings, be the LAST one to speak. This gives your meeting attendees the satisfaction that they have been heard, and gives you the advantage of knowing “where they’re coming from and why they’re saying what they’re saying”

  • Encourage productive conflict (also referred to as “Conflict Mining”) while making the space safe for such activity, and learn the skills to “hold this space as a leader”

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